Nga Ringawera o Taemaro

(The Cooks of Taemaro)

Mangatowai is thankful to the members of the Taemaro whanau for their great skill in the kitchen - and even more so for their willingness to cater for the official functions we have held at Mangatowai.

 Sandra Hei Hei and her family not only catered for the launch of the concept in 2005 but provided the food for the inaugural meeting of the community trustees one year later.

We all love kai, especially when it comes to us fresh from the sea - crayfish, mussels, paua and fresh fish make a sea food feast that is hard to resist.

Let's share some of the delicacies we were presented with at the latest meeting.  As you look at them and drool think about the flavours and for the moment forget the calories.


 Fresh crayfish, healthy salads and fresh fruits - and that was only for starters!


Kaumata David Henare calls his mokopuna Shanara Hemi to bless the kai while Mayor Yvonne Sharp watches (left);  Sandra Hei Hei and Cecil  test the kai they have had a hand in preparing (centre); Mita Harris tentatively nibbles on a piece of crayfish.


Dame Georgina Kirby explains the intricacies of a mussel shell to Mario and Angela Grzinic's young daughter (left); Ella Henry lifts the lid of a hot pan of chicken;  Mario Grzinic and Mita Harris ponder over what to put on their plates next (right).


Mayor Bob Harvey in pensive mood (left); Cecil  with his two young children   (right)

 Mayor Bob Harvey thanks the caterers for a "supreme" snack.

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